Sky / Water Reflection

Designed and installed for Carey & Julie

“Thank you for the pleasure of working with you both and the opportunity to create your vision.” – Natalain

Santa Cruz patio landscape designThis was a tremendous transformation in a unique space. My clients had a particular vision and allowed me creative license with the landscape design, style and materials. We were all very satisfied with the finished project. This project included various types of hard landscaping in a small space and also included a substantial water feature. The water feature was essentially a mini pool. The sounds of water from the fountain, reflections off the surface of the pool and the subtle ripple effect made a garden space that was beyond the visual.

Although the afternoons are hot, the patio Polygal material reflected and protected without cutting out the daylight.

Is there anything special about the planting in this garden? I planted a no-mow native grass lawn to help keep the maintenance to a minimum. Existing citrus trees were shaped and pruned. The plant pallet complimented the Asian influence of the design. The plants were chosen for foliage color, texture and ease of care. The smooth trowelled, dark gray curved seat wall functioned as drainage also. The concrete for the patio and pool coping are all acid stained. The posts for the patio are integral with the seat wall and the material used to cover the patio reflected the heat without obscuring the light.

The yard had a deep clay layer which created a severe problem, with regards to drainage. Every part of the design was planned to collect and carry rainwater out of the back yard. The patio roof sloped to take water to a drain behind the seat wall, this then discharged the water to curbside. The reflection pool collected the surface water from the patio area, the pool was connected to an overflow drain.

The clients gave me freedom to try new materials in order to convey a modern landscape style. This was also a design that took problems in the landscape and transformed them into functional and visual assets. Although the back yard was completed a couple of years ago, phase II – the front yard is now under construction with completion expected shortly.

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