quote1This letter is to share our enthusiasm about Natalain Landscape Design. Natalain created and designed a beautiful landscape plan for our 16 acres In Aptos, California, and then implemented and executed the gorgeous plan over a period of 18 months. We couldn’t be happier with the final results. We love the beautiful and tranquil surroundings Natalain has created for us. Her unique vision and excellent implementation of a very complex project made us huge fans. We had many requests, huge dreams, no understanding of reality or what was possible, and Natalain was able to fuse all our hopes and dreams into one plan and then bring it into existence, all the while dealing with prickly personalities, long distance owners, multiple project managers on other parts of the building project with their own agendas. She has skills which would have made her successful in negotiations for peacekeeping efforts.

Natalain has a wonderful eye and is extremely knowledgeable about California native plants and different plant requirements. She had to balance our need for something beautiful with our desire for low maintenance, able to withstand high traffic, minimal water, and fairly extreme climates. The parcel is fairly big, with a variety of different uses, and Natalain did a remarkable job of defining the spaces and making them all very inviting. We haven’t had a guest arrive who hasn’t commented immediately on the beautiful and natural landscaping. She is also very versatile, with a deep understanding of irrigation, building products, soil and plant matter.

Kate Ditzler and Stuart Gasner-Aptos

Santa Cruz landscape design customer 2Your expertise with landscaping is evident in the work you did for us. You made it seem effortless, yet I know that it is not, but the result of years of work in the field. Our backyard now feels like a retreat or a getaway that you should have to drive hours to enjoy, but its right in our backyard.

You were able to come up with a design that created a spectacular water feature as a centerpiece and a way to make our sun beaten hillside look wonderful yet also use heat and drought tolerant plants effectively to create balance and beauty.

Annette Cave -San Carlos

Santa Cruz landscape client 3Thank you very much for the excellent landscaping design you provided for our new home, I believe this is the fourth or fifth home that you designed, ourenjoyment and appreciation of your work is of unlimited admiration. Neighbors at this and other projects have expressed similar sentiments as well and always ask for your name and business card. Karen and I especially admire your creativeness in effecting that perfect marriage of your clients wants with your ideas, knowledge and consideration of the surrounding area.

Our dream was to have a garden where we could sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine and take in the beauty and fragrances of a low maintenance perennials garden. Without Natalain’s creativity, knowledge and efficiency our dream would not have become a reality. Natalain’s perfect design was beyond our dreams. She listened to our vague ideas, kindly answered questions, provided design options and returned with an inspired plan to transform our yard.

Karen and Stephen Brieger

quote4Through our the implementation phase, Natalain expertly guided us through myriad choices, translated what the contractors were saying and conscientiously took care of all the design details. Within a matter or weeks, our juniper-infested, weedy -garden became a tranquil place to rest while enjoying the diversity of colors the season brought and the variety of birds and butterflies attracted to Natalains creation. The low maintenance aspect of the garden has afforded us plenty of time to chat with passerby who stops to admire the garden; it was a thorough pleasure to work with Natalain who is truly outstanding in her profession.

The Donohoes – Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz landscape client 5Without Natalain we would have not been able to achieve the beautiful, charming and functional garden that we have always wanted. Natalain listened and cared about what we wanted and used her knowledge, skill and expertise to help us achieve it, She was able to create an English cottage Garden, the overall effect is magical.

Susan and Jonathan Wittwer, Lily and Riley
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